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FERMA urges companies to invest in resilience in response to 2018 Global Risk Report
European risk managers share the priorities expressed in the World Economic Forum Global Risk Report 2018 published on 17 January about the threat to the environment from extreme environmental events, the potential failure of climate change adaptation, and cyber risks.
Greetings 2018
We wish you all a healthy and happy new year!
Transposition of EU Directives into national laws: Environmental Liability and Non-Financial Reporting
National legislation implementing European directives takes time, on average two to three years, but is now in place for the Environmental Liability Directive (ELD) and Non-Financial Reporting Directive (NFR). Discover the national laws.


FERMA Seminar 2018

ferma seminar 2018

AMRAE - 26ièmes rencontres du Risk Management

amrae rencontres 2018