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On the Commission agenda for 2018: Brexit, reforms, energy and the environment
The European Commission focuses on reforms and delivery of pending measures in its 2018 Work programme. What will be on the plate of the Juncker Commission next as the EU prepares for Brexit and its longer term future?
Country by Country Reporting & the “Paradise Papers”
A general trend for corporate transparency gained a new momentum in November with the revelations of the “Paradise Papers”, an investigation of tax files from offshore jurisdictions. They give fresh impetus to the Country by Country Reporting proposals and the EU common list of problematic tax jurisdictions. For multinationals, says FERMA, these are not just matters of compliance but also reputation.
ELD: Mandatory financial security and extended liability still raising concerns
European risk managers are concerned about the latest recommendations on the implementation of ELD adopted in a European Parliament report on 26 October 2017. The most significant issues are possible mandatory financial security and potential extensions of exposure. FERMA will continue to argue that these measures could prove counterproductive in terms of reducing the risks to the environment while putting an unnecessary burden on industry.


FERMA Seminar 2018

ferma seminar 2018

AMRAE - 26ièmes rencontres du Risk Management

amrae rencontres 2018